Initial Biopsy Results In

We drove to Fresno again today, for a pre-op appointment with the surgeon who will someday fix Rich’s hernia (yes, he also has a hernia). His hernia has taken a back seat to the tumor, but the doctor wanted to see Rich to do an initial exam. And, he was able to access preliminary biopsy results.

Rich does have cancer. It is either a type of lymphoma, or seminoma, with it most likely being seminoma (a type of testicular cancer…what Lance Armstrong fought and won). Here is the exact verbiage, for you medically minded folks out there:

“The differential diagnostic considerations based solely on histology would include seminoma (which is favored) and lymphoma. Immuno studies are pending for definitive classification.”

The biopsies have been sent along for further studies, and we could have more conclusive results as early as Monday, and hopefully by Rich’s oncology appointment at 2:30 on Wednesday, May 6th.

Rich also had ultrasounds done last night on the tumor and parts of his abdomen. These results are not yet in. It was the first time I saw the tumor, and though it is large, so is Rich. He is 6’5″, so there is a lot more room in his abdomen for a 10cm mass, than mine! Seeing it wasn’t as scary as I anticipated…it actually let me visualize what we are fighting, and that was helpful.

Thank you so much for your prayers. We have truly felt their covering and protection as we went through our day. We had several amazing conversations with people we came in contact with, and we were able to share our faith, and hope with them. Some people are surprised by it; some think we’re dillusional. Those who have experienced God’s grace, joy and peace–peace that surpasses understanding — relate with us, and are praising God along with us. Thank you, Jesus.

Thank you for all of your love and support; your phone calls, blog posts and emails. They have truly refreshed us. If I haven’t gotten back to you, please know it’s not for lack of wanting to talk with you…it’s because of my limited supply of time and energy! We love you! Thank you!

Please continue to pray for us. Pray for Rich’s healing. For him to eat, and for his weight to stabilize — he has lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks. Pray for my strength. Pray for our kids. Though they were at preschool for most of the day, we were blessed with some very sweet moments with them today. They know that Daddy is sick, and that he’ll be sick for awhile. They know something big is happening around them.

We have had a few people ask if they can share this blog…yes, please do! Send along the blog address to anyone you know who will pray for Rich, or who would be interested in our story. We covet every single prayer, and are amazed at the many ways your prayers have been answered already.

With much love,


3 Responses to “Initial Biopsy Results In”

  1. John Sexton and Anne Larsen Says:

    Rich and Susan,

    Carlos shared this shocking news with us. We are sending our warmest thoughts and prayers to you both. We trust that all will turn our well. We are inspired by your bravery, trust, and love. Hang in there. John and Anne.

  2. Bryan Says:

    cosbys are praying.

  3. Todd Fonda family Says:

    Dear Seilings, Psalm 62:5-8, continue letting The Father guard your heart and mind in Him. We are with you in heart and prayer, Shalom the Fonda’s

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