Daily Prayers

In addition to the ongoing prayers, you can pray for these daily needs this week:

– That I would stay rooted in God and His word.

– That I would stop losing weight, and would even gain weight.

– That my pain would be minimal.

– That I would get an accurate diagnosis on the type of cancer before Wednesday’s oncology appointment. (May 6, 2009)

– That the doctors would choose the most effective treatment, and that I could start immediately.

Rich Seiling

One Response to “Daily Prayers”

  1. Eric Hagen Says:

    Rich and Susan,

    Thank you so much for inviting me over last night to pray with you. I honestly did not know what to expect and I felt very inadequate on my way over. I thought, what words of wisdom or encouragement could I give, I felt like I had nothing. The moment I walked though the door, it did not matter. I love both of you and I felt such outpouring of love from you. Just hugging you Rich, I have sat here a few moments trying to figure out the words and I can’t…

    I thought coming over that I was there to provide some type of comfort to you, but I left being comforted. I wanted to encourage you, but I left encouraged. I came feeling distant from God, and I left with a closeness that I have not experienced in a long time.

    Last night and today an image has stuck in my head, of you in glorious health and splendor surrounded by your family (Alison and Asher grown), my family, and all the Saints. All of us were praising God in heaven together. The reflection of God’s glory was in your face, strong, powerful, and beautiful. You were like a tower and a Prince, and I mean that in the most powerful and noble of ways. God has and is transforming you and it will be such a glorious testimony of his might, power, grace, and awesomeness!

    As you have told me, we do not know the number of our days, but our Father does and he is faithful.

    Thank you for praying for me, I feel he has already started answering your prayers for me. I pray that he will answer my prayers for you.

    From your fellow Saint, brother, prince, and Child of God.

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