Ongoing Prayers

There are many things that need prayer with my battle, and they fall into two categories. There are the ongoing prayers, which are things that I have an ongoing need for and which you can pray for daily, and there are daily prayers, those that relate to the unique day-to-day needs.

The ongoing prayers I’m asking for are:

– That I would continue to trust God no matter what.

– Complete healing and restoration of health.

– That the growth of the cancer would stop immediately.

– Strength for my wife and family who are taking care of me and have much work to do.

– For my children that they would be granted wisdom and patience beyond their years (Allison is 5, and Asher is almost 3).

– Work for my business and wisdom for my co-workers as they carry on with far less help from me.

Rich Seiling

2 Responses to “Ongoing Prayers”

  1. denise jones Says:


    i know it doesn’t come close to comparing, but i recall feelings of worry i had for noah when i was going through a lot of medical issues (female/baby related, depression) the issues started when he was so young (3 ). he quickly became my little helper. i thought it was too much for a little guy, and i worried that it was too much for a little guy. but then God told me “i’m shaping him into who i want him to be.” i rested in that. and God has done a wonderful job shaping our boy. i see compassion, tenderness, kindness, a helper, protector… so many things that wouldn’t have taken shape so wonderfully without the circumstances.
    trust God to shape and mold your children for His glory. He will.


  2. erin girard Says:

    praying for you all the time. anything eric and i can do we will. but i know prayers is what we can do from here

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