Things are moving fast…

Treatment is moving fast. I have an extended CT scan today, surgery on Friday at 1:30, Chemo starts Wednesday 5/13. Chemo will run Wed through Sunday, (they will admit me overnight for the Saturday and Sunday chemo treatments.) This is all great news, as all the treatments are happening about as quickly as they can. Keep praying that everything stays on course. Thank you!!!


7 Responses to “Things are moving fast…”

  1. thome family Says:

    Hi! You know we are praying for you–that the peace of the Lord be with you tomorrow. Also, I hope they give you those awesome drugs before surgery…they almost make surgery something to look forward to. Like “Sir, after this injection, we are going to throw you off the roof of the building.” “WAIT! Throw me off the wha……ohhhhkkkkaaaaayyyyy…that’s niiiiiice…” love you! Laurie, Paul and all

  2. Eliot Baggs Says:


    I will be thinking about you to Friday as you begin the process of becoming well, and I trust you will. I was surprised by a diagnosis of thyroid cancer nearly ten years ago. I remember that phone call from my Dr as if it were yesterday; it stopped me in my tracks. Luckily, my tumor was discovered early and was well contained. I also have a hernia in common…we are getting old Rich:)

    You obviously possess the conviction to overcome adversity, and I am confident you have what it takes to beat this. I have many fond memories of growing up in P-Burg that include skateboards (I think you rode a Tony Hawk) and a Fender Strat (even though it was pink paisley???).

    Godspeed Rich,


  3. MOM and BRUCE Says:

    PRAYER IS THE KEY TO HEAVEN…BUT FAITH OPENS THE DOOR….we love you all very muchxxxxoooo

  4. John Sloas Says:

    Wow, the wheels of medicine CAN turn quickly! This is great news. Hang in there, Rich.


  5. Paul Says:

    Please know you are in are prayers today. Praise be to God that our Lord Jesus Christ healed the sick and gave new hope to the world. My prayer is that God will restore you, Rich, to full health and you will sense his healing presence every step of the way.


  6. Kelly Ewbank (Langhurst) Says:

    I am so in awe of your faith and strength. I have read through your entire blog and know that with your positive attitude it will help you and your family through this difficult time. As Yogi Berra said, “80% of the game is half mental.” My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  7. Austin Says:

    Hope went well today. Thinking and praying a lot.


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