Busy Day on Tuesday

Today is Monday, and Rich ended up going to Fresno for a hearing test. Apparently the chemo can cause hearing loss, so they like to have a baseline to compare against, as the chemo continues. Our friend and coworker, Jeff, drove him down there, which was a great blessing to both of us. I was able to get some work done for WCI, which was necessary. It felt good to accomplish something tangible.

Tomorrow, we have a VERY FULL DAY at Kaiser. I think we’ll come into contact with almost every department there, before the end of this journey, except the Birthing Center 🙂

10-12: Intro to Chemotherapy. This is a weekly group class for Kaiser members. There are enough new chemo patients each week, that they need a weekly Intro to Chemo class. That’s sobering.

2 PM – Injection for Rich’s Bone Scan

2:30 – Meeting with the oncologist

3:30 – Meeting with Respiratory Therapy – Chemo can affect your lungs, so they want a baseline test on Rich, so they can see if his lungs are being affected later.

5:30 – Bone Scan

Wednesday morning at 10:15 is Rich’s first chemo appointment.

Rich is healing well from the surgery, and feels a little bit better every day.

Some prayer requests for this week:

Pray that Rich’s liver and kidney function would normalize so he can start chemo as planned.

Pray that the stent is fully functioning, and Rich’s body handles it well. The doctor said the kidney is made of a similar tissue to your eye…so having a stent up against it can really irritate it. It’s like having a straw on your eyeball.

Pray that if there is any other cancer, or any other issues, that it would be discovered with the CT Scans, Bone Scans and other tests they are conducting on Rich.

Pray that we all stay healthy…no flus or bugs. Rich’s immune system will be greatly compromised due to the chemo. With two little kids who have a knack of picking up every germ in town, we’ll need prayers to keep us healthy through this first week, and through all of the treatments.

Pray that our faith stays strong. We have felt God’s presence and peace in undeniable and amazing ways. Pray that we keep going back to Him when fear or uncertainty creeps in.

Pray for our small business. With 14 people on payroll, we have a good amount of responsibility. We know that God is the provider for all of us, and we trust Him to see us through this. Pray that he provides for us, our staff members, and our various bills and financial obligations.

Thank you so much for your phone calls, emails and prayers. If I haven’t gotten back to you, it’s not for lack of want…each note and kind word is dearly treasured, and we’re so thankful for them.

Love, Susan

5 Responses to “Busy Day on Tuesday”

  1. erin Says:

    eric knows all about the hearing issue. i know that one personally and will double the prayer there.

  2. Kathy Mohorter Says:

    Hey susan & Rich, Just wanted you to know that I put your name in our bulletin where prayers are requested for those ibn need and Rich, your name will remain there till God tells us otherwise! Your faith is a source of unbelievable courage and you are right, anything is possible through God! love & prayers daily, kathy

  3. Cyndi Says:

    Faith can be so powerful during our trials, what a blessing we have that to lean on. I am praying for all of you, and wanted to share a scripture that has come to encourage me so much. “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with HOPE by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Rom.15:13 When you begin to feel overwhelmed, turn to the scriptures. God is good and He loves us so much. Love you all,

  4. Fred and Laura Says:

    We think of you often and pray often, hoping the chemo tomorrow will go smooth, sending those little armies to battle the cancer cells. You are so strong
    and we thank you for sharing with us. Love in Christ, Fred and Laura

  5. Beth and Mikie Says:

    We are praying for you too, and will continue to do so throughout this journey. Our hearts are breaking for you, and yet, your courage inspires us to have hope and trust in our Dad! He is taking you all by the hand, as his kids, and walking with you through this. We love you!

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