First Day of Chemo Complete!

Rich successfully completed his first day of chemo. Hurray!

All of his chemo medicines have nausea and vomiting as a side effect, and thankfully Kaiser is aggressive about treating this BEFORE it becomes a problem. As a result, he’s feeling really good tonight…he said he feels a little bit like he’s floating and has a metallic taste in his mouth…but other than that, it was very smooth. I think we both had a vision of the chemo instantly causing reactions, or hurting him somehow…that wasn’t the case. It was a series of medications given by IV, in a very specific protocol…we were just along for the ride, while the nurses navigated the turns.

Part of Rich’s surgery was to put in a stent to help his right kidney drain. They were hoping that his kidney function numbers would improve, but they actually went down a bit…so they will be monitoring his kidney function daily, and adjusting his treatments if necessary. Please pray that his kidneys do really well with the chemo, as his specific drugs can be really hard on the kidneys.

Pray also for his liver, which is showing unusual numbers…this could be because of stress from the tumor, or something else…they are keeping an eye on that, as well.

Rich also noticed a numbness developing in his groin area, where his right leg and hip connect, and up towards the incision. As Rich said, “it’s not anyplace important,” but it’s still unsettling. The doctor is not sure whether there was a bit of nerve damage due to the surgery (he said this was likely prior to surgery), or if the tumor is pressing on nerves, and that is causing the numbness. Please pray that this numbness goes away, or at least doesn’t become worse.

Other big news: the pathology report is back from his testicle biopsy, and it also had seminoma. The doctor was happy about this, as it shows that the testicle WAS the origin of the cancer, and it also confirms the accuracy of the biopsy on the large mass near Rich’s kidney.

Tomorrow is day 2 of 5 days of chemo. We are still enjoying God’s peace that surpasses all understanding, and are so thankful for the kind medical staff and unexpected visits with friends today, who we happened to run into while in Fresno. God is good!

Love, Susan

5 Responses to “First Day of Chemo Complete!”

  1. Grace Says:

    Susan, I’ve been looking forward to your update all day.
    Thanks! We will be praying specifically for the needs you mentioned, and that God will be directing every part of this week. I’d sure love to help you with something: food, cleaning, laundry, yard work…anything! Please let me know. Nothing is too big or too small 🙂

    Love and hugs,

  2. thome family Says:

    Hi! I would call, but it’s only 4 a.m. at your house! I sure would like to help with something like laundry, food, cleaning…would you like to UPS your laundry to me, and I’ll do it and ship it back? It does stink to be so far away…We will just keep the prayers coming…love you all

  3. Colleen Says:

    Day one down! Probably day 2, also, by the time you read this! May things continue to go smoothly, and may the tumor shrink rapidly. I love you all!

  4. Eric Girard Says:

    Hey guys – I’m still kind of numb where I had my first surgery (the radical orchiectomy I assume Rich had too). So don’t let that bother you. What chemo regimen is he on? I was on cisplatin, etopiside and bleomycin. All had very very nasty side effects, for me. The only thing that touched the nausea was a drug called Emend. Good, good stuff. Later I wound up on Marinol and actually smoked a little real pot to get my appetite back. It didn’t take much – but you can definitely see the change in tune on my blog when I could eat again!

    Let me know what I can do to support you!



    • sseiling Says:

      Eric, that is the exact same regimen Rich is on, and yes he had a radical orchiectomy…Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your support. Even though we haven’t talked to you on the phone since the diagnosis I can’t tell you how great it is to know you, and to know your story. What is your blog address again? Is it still up?

      They have Rich on a ton of drugs for nausea, including Amend. It gave him hiccups this morning, which I guess is a common, but undocumented side effect!

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