Tales from the Hospital…

Today was a long, long, long day at the hospital. Rich is spending the night there, and he’ll have more chemo Sunday, which is the last of this 5 day set. He’ll be home tomorrow night.

The oncology clinic warned us that it would be a bit chaotic, having his chemo administered in the hospital (instead of the oncology clinic). While it wasn’t necessarily chaotic, it took a long, long time to get the paperwork processed, and the  IVs started. It was also a bit unsettling, in that they made a few mistakes (wanting to give Rich a blood thinner because it’s standard hospital protocol, but chemo patients aren’t supposed to be on ANYTHING that thins their blood), messing with his Vicodin dosage, so he was in pain this afternoon, etc. It was unsettling enough that I wanted to be there with him today, to be his advocate. I knew my kids were in good hands with my mom, so I stayed. I think that was the best thing for me to do today.

1 Timothy 6:11
But you, man of God…pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.

I’ve read that scripture many times, but the word “endurance” never stuck out to me before…and the fact that it is something to pursue, and to seek after. Well, we’re going to learn a good amount about endurance on this journey. It occurred to us today that this is truly a marathon, and it’s going to require every ounce of us, and then many more on top of that. The exhaustion settled in to a new depth today… physical exhaustion from the past 2.5 weeks of almost daily trips to Fresno…and long hours in the doctors offices…surgery, chemo, kids, work, housework…it’s been intense! And it’s not letting up anytime soon!

So, thank you for your prayers. We are feeling them, and they are sustaining us in a very real way. God’s presence is so apparent every single day, and that is the biggest blessing in all of this. Both of us were feeling a bit down today, and it’s amazing how even an ounce of scripture…a few words…can alter your perspective, and give you fresh fuel for the fight. I am a person who naturally looks to everything BESIDES God…friends, family, a book, shopping…one thing we’re learning in all of this is that our natural tendencies need to be shelved in lieu of what actually works…spending time praying and reading the Bible…the Psalms and Paul’s letters are so alive right now…God is good.

With love,


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