Rich - Before

Rich - Before

Rich - After

Rich - After

The hair loss started somewhat subtly on Monday, and then became quite dramatic on Tuesday. It was both disturbing and funny to watch Rich pull the hair from his head, laughing like it was a new trick he learned.

It quickly became annoying to him, though…so the wonderful lady who normally cuts his hair, Laura, went ahead and shaved his head last night…we watched the transition from normal Rich…to Rich with a slight Mohawk…to Rich with a shaved head with a shock of hair up front like a skateboarder from the 80s (that look sort of fit him…he used to be a skateboarder, afterall)…

Rich with no hair looks taller, quite handsome, and a bit formidable. I’d be scared of him, if I saw him on a dark alley…except for the fact that he wears kakhi shorts and plaid shirts (not very scary), and he tends to laugh a lot…he doesn’t make a good gangster…

Tomorrow, we go for another quick chemo injection…and then we’re back to the long 5-day course beginning next Monday.

Here are some amazing things:

Rich was able to do a good chunk of work yesterday and today…and even held a 1.5 hour staff meeting, without passing out from exhaustion. The lure of daytime TV and the internet have long lost their luster, and he’s longing for the normalcy of work. Being away from WCI for so long has made us both appreciate how much we love our jobs, and our business…especially the people we work with (and for) everyday.

Rich is now totally off Vicodin, and is feeling a lot less pain.

He has been eating well…much better than he was…though he has still lost weight. He has lost about 28 pounds since February.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for Rich’s body to be prepared for this next intensive set of chemo, which starts next Monday. They say the side effects get worse, with each course. Please pray for his body to handle it as well as possible.

Please pray for our kids. They are doing well, considering all that is going on. Allison is excellent at verbalizing EVERYTHING she thinks and feels, but Asher isn’t. He seems pensive and worried lately, and that’s hard to see on his little face.

Continue to pray for our business. We are so blessed by our amazing and loving staff. Pray for them, and for our business to thrive and prosper in this time.

Pray for our endurance through all of this. This cancer is wiping me out, and I’m not the one with cancer!

We’re thankful that this week has been the closest to “normal” since Rich was diagnosed 4 weeks ago. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and love.

With love,


7 Responses to “Bald!”

  1. Colleen Says:

    Don’t forget the sunscreen!

    Here is the link to Kelly’s “Rich Seiling Team” page. She and Cindy are doing an American Cancer Society Relay for life in Liverpool, New York. Efforts like theirs are changing the lives and futures of cancer patients!

    With love to you all…

  2. Doug B Says:

    Welcome to the No-Hair Club for Men, Rich…good news is that you’ll get your hair back at some point!

  3. Melanie Says:

    Rich looks taller? Is that possible?

  4. Joseph Mitchell Says:

    Rich and Susan,

    Laurie passed your blog onto me. You are in my prayers…not only for a cure but also for you to be writing to and praying for somebody ten years out in your own remission.

    Joseph <
    ROM 6:13

  5. Beth and Mikie Says:

    -Just wanted to say i’m LOVING the bald Rich, and with a smile like that, no one would ever take him seriously as a gangsta. He could MAYBE pass as a skin head, since he is very white, but only if carrying a broken beer bottle while being annoyingly intoxicated, spouting off insults in a thick, and very Americanized British accent. Since the likelihood of these things all coming together at once are so rare, I’m going to have to say that he instead, looks very much like a handsome and brave warrior, fighting the crap out of a weenie of a disease. 🙂
    Love you guys-

  6. Beth and Mikie Says:

    p.s. you look happier bald! your smile is bigger!

  7. thome family Says:

    You know, guys just look cool bald. So unfair. You maybe look like you are trying to get in touch with your inner Charles Barkley. But without the bad attitude.
    Remember your sunscreen!!!

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