Learning To Give Myself Shots

Just back from Fresno. We’ve put 1,000 miles on the mini-van since 5-12-09.

So far the side effects from today’s treatment are much less than last time. But I found out my white blood cell count is low. This is not a surprise, as that is a side effect of the chemo. They’ve put me on Neupogen to  increase the white blood cell count. I think it’s common because the nurse told me about it, and said the oncologist simply prescribed Neupogen…I didn’t have to actually meet with the oncologist to discuss it.  The fun part is Neupogen is a shot, and I get to administer it myself. I hate shots. I had a ton of allergy shots as a kid every week, and I think that made me adverse. The funny thing is I don’t mind having blood drawn, but I hate shots…go figure….

Hopefully this will be amusing. I’ve often hoped I’d never have to give myself shots….haha, isn’t that funny? Another hang-up I don’t get to hang on to on this journey. But I realized pretty quickly that I couldn’t indulge those thoughts. I thought of my young nephew Owen, who has Type I diabetes…and if he could give himself shots every day as a kid, then I could do it too (it would look pretty silly if Uncle Rich couldn’t do it). So the nurses showed me how, and I did it. It really wasn’t that bad. I can give it in my stomach…I just pinch a roll of fat and poke it in. Sure it hurts a little, but so does pulling a hang nail, and other painful stuff we do to ourselves. On the scale of pain, it’s maybe a 2, and it only lasts for a couple of seconds. So for the next 7 days, I get to inject myself.

Things that you can pray for are:

Increased white blood cell count

Minimal side effects from this dose of chemo

Minimal side effects from Neupogen (can be flu like symptoms, fever, nausea, tiredness)

Safety while we travel (we have to go to Fresno on Saturday just to have blood drawn)

Thanks for all of your prayers.


2 Responses to “Learning To Give Myself Shots”

  1. Bryan Cosby Says:

    rich i have extra fat to donate to your pinch and roll method if needed. still praying up in the northwest.

  2. thome family Says:

    Laurie says “Wow. You have fat on your stomach? What is THAT like? Ha ha…”
    Owen says “good job, Uncle Rich. I HATE to give myself shots, so I know how you feel.”

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