Relay For Life – Support Rich’s team!

On the night Rich’s cancer was diagnosed, my Uncle Paul, Aunt Cindy and cousin Kelly were visiting from Syracuse, New York. It had been a few years since we’d seen them, and we were enjoying a day of seeing the sites of the Sierra Foothills. I made a quick call to Rich to see if he wanted to leave work early to join us for hamburgers at The Forks at Bass Lake, only to learn that he’d come home from work early…and was experiencing severe pain.

Instead of heading to The Forks, we went to our house…Rich was taken off in an ambulance, and I said goodbye to my Uncle, Aunt and cousin as I hurried to follow the ambulance down to Fresno. They were leaving early the next morning, so I didn’t get to see them after the diagnosis…but they were very much a part of the beginning of this unexpected journey.

I just learned that they started a team in honor of Rich as a part of their local Relay for Life in Upstate New York. The relay is on June 19th. If you’re interested in supporting them, visit this link…all proceeds go to The American Cancer Society. I called the ACS shortly after Rich’s diagnosis, and they offered an immense amount of information, empathetic support, and tangible assistance…in our case, they are sending gas cards to help cover the cost of traveling to Fresno and back… It’s an amazing cause, and if you haven’t been touched by it before, then I’m sure you know someone who has…even if that someone is Rich and I!

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