The Neupogen Blahs…

Rich feels yucky today. Nauseous, achy, chills, hip pain and lower back spasms. These are all thanks to the Neupogen, which is supposed to increase Rich’s white blood cells by stimulating his bone marrow…turns out that stimulating your bone marrow is a pretty achy process.

After a night of very bad sleep, Rich is now back on Vicodin. Within 15 minutes of taking his first Vicodin, he was feeling MUCH better….but he can also really feel when the dose wears out.

The chemo from yesterday also caused nausea. Thankfully, after a call to the oncology nurses, he took an anti-nausea drug, and it worked well.

Today was a stark contrast to the last three days, when Rich was full of his normal passionate ideas, thoughts and dreams. It’s just a reminder that this IS a battle, and the last 3 days were a brief reprieve. We’re slowly learning to take each day, and live it as it presents itself…

Tomorrow, we’re off to Kaiser so Rich can have labs done in preparation for his chemo on Monday. Then I get to go to a baby shower for my friends, Paul and Heather. They are expecting their first baby (a girl) ON MY BIRTHDAY…June 28th! Yay for new babies!

Happy weekend!

Love, Susan

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