2 Days Down – 3 To Go

This is truly a marathon. Rich has completed 2 full days of chemo (as in, we are at Kaiser from 9:30 to 5:30 each day), with 3 more to go. Our friend, Mike, took him down there Monday, which was a true blessing in so many ways. Today, I went down with him for the day, and will take him down for the rest of the week.

I have nothing prolific to say tonight, other than the fact that we are truly feeling your prayers. We were both totally dragging over the weekend, and felt bouyed yesterday and today. So, please keep them coming. We need them. Pray for our kids, too. 5 days in preschool is a lot, when you aren’t used to it.

I’ll try to post more tomorrow!

Love, Susan

3 Responses to “2 Days Down – 3 To Go”

  1. Lauire Says:

    Hang in there Rich, way to go! Only three more leaps to go – you can do it – one day at a time! You’re in my prayers everyday – you, Susan and the kids!

  2. Algernon of Anselm Says:

    wishing you all the strenght necessary to pull this trough. keep up the fight

  3. Okara & the Gang Says:

    Rich, Susan and little ones,

    Our prayers and good wishes follow you all through this journey back to health.

    Cookies, hugs and much love,


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