Could this be the last session?

Two days done, and three to go…and so far, so good.

Rich is handling the chemo well so far this week. He’s very, very tired, but his spirits are high.

We met with the oncologist yesterday, and she said that Rich is doing, “really great overall.” The big news is that this MIGHT be the last round of chemo because he’s doing so well. Two things will decide whether we’ll do a fourth round:

1. Rich’s lung capacity. One of the chemo drugs can cause lung damage. Rich took a pulmonary test last week, and the doctor wasn’t happy with the results, so she’s retesting him on Thursday. If his lung function has been compromised by the drug, they will stop giving it to him. This means that we won’t have the chemo on days 9 and 16 of this cycle (which is when that specific drug is usually administered). It also means he’ll have another 5 days in Fresno in mid July…the fourth session. I don’t know if they give him any other types of chemo, in place of the drug that affects lung function…we’ll find that out if we need to, I suppose.

2. If Rich passes the pulmonary test, he’ll have a CT Scan and bloodwork done around July 4th. We’ll meet with the doctor the following week to go over the results…and she’ll let us know whether we need to do a fourth round, or not.

She says that she’d like to stop at three…and it’s looking good…but we won’t know for sure until the end of this cycle (or if Rich doesn’t do well on the pulmonary test).

While neither of us LIKE this phase of life, we want the doctor to fully treat the cancer, so we don’t have to go through this again next year…or in a few years…or in 10 years. So, if it takes a fourth session, then we’re fine with that. And if it doesn’t…we’ll get a second opinion on the CT Scan and labs to make sure other doctors are in agreement with her recommendations.

Prayer requests for us:

– That Rich’s veins would hold up well. They are definitely showing a bit of wear and tear from so many IVs and needles over the past 2 months.

– That Rich’s pulmonary test would go well on Thursday morning, and would accurately show whether the chemo is damaging his lungs or not…and for God’s protection over his lungs. He does have a wheeze…but that’s not uncommon for Rich, who had severe asthma as a child.

– Wisdom for Rich’s doctor in deciding the course of treatment after this cycle.

– Safety for us as we drive, and for our kids as we are far from them everyday. They are loving preschool, and seem to be happy as clams.

Other news:

About 10 days ago, as I was brushing Asher’s teeth, I saw a very dark shadow in his palate. I had never seen it before. I had him lie down, and looked in his mouth and discovered a fistula…a hole in his palate, where it was open from his mouth to his nasal cavity. It made sense…he’d been drooling a lot lately, and his right nostril (directly over the fistula) had been a bit drippy.

I had Rich come and take a look at it, and he confirmed my findings…while we kept the conversation upbeat for the kids’ sake (“Wow! Asher has a hole in his mouth! How about that!), our hearts sank. A hole means that Asher would have more corrective surgery on his palate….palate surgeries are very, very painful.

Well, last night, I decided to take a look at the hole again.

It was gone.



A miracle? You tell me….Rich and I both distinctly saw it, as did Allison.

I prayed for it to be healed…just like I prayed for his cleft lip and palate to be miraculously healed when he was first born. As a baby, he was healed miraculously by the hands of a skilled surgeon. This time…the hole is simply gone…

Praise God for sparing our little boy, once again.

And on that note…have a wonderful and blessed Wednesday.

Love, Susan

8 Responses to “Could this be the last session?”

  1. Jeff Gilman Says:

    That is so awesome about Asher! I’ve been praying for the kids too, not just you guys. God is good and God is faithful. Thanks for doing this blog. It helps me stay in prayer for you guys!

  2. Beth and Mikie Says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! PRAISE JESUS! thank you lord for sparing this family another hardship, and for loving us so completely. i am overwhelmed with joy at this miracle lord, which for you, is easy as pie. thank you, thank you jesus!

  3. Jeff Says:

    You guys, what a miracle for Asher! I’m so happy he’s been relieved of that burden. That’s just the best, most unreal, news! God’s way of showing who’s in control in a way you could really see!!
    Hang in there R & S!


  4. L Says:

    Way cool about that miracle!

  5. Michael Says:

    Great news about Asher. Probably a good idea to get it checked out anyway though just in case.

    • sseiling Says:

      Thanks for the note!

      We called Asher’s cleft team, BEFORE we saw that the hole had closed…they said that it can happen, and they repair fistulas like that when they do the bone graft surgery (when Asher is about 9 years old) on his upper gumline. It’s nothing to worry about for now…and now it’s really nothing to worry about because it appears to be gone. Amazing.

  6. Mary Says:

    That is SO awesome about your little boy! God is so good! I have been keeping all of you in my prayers. Rich, I know you are in God’s care and will come thru this trying time real soon, I’m sure a much stronger person than you were even before. I’m sure God has something amazing planned for your life ahead.

  7. Colleen Says:

    This gave me chills! GOOD chills!

    Tell Allison and Asher to watch the mail for a music surprise from our week at VBS!

    We love you all!

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