TGIF! Our long week is DONE!

Rich successfully completed his LONG week of chemo. He has spent this entire week either at the hospital, or sleeping in bed. Every night, he wakes up for a few hours, but that’s about it. The side effects are stronger this time, and he is experiencing a low-grade nausea, and virtually no appetite. These should subside in 2 days or so.

Rich’s pulmonary test went well…good enough to continue the bleomycin, which means this MAY be the last session. He has a CT Scan scheduled for next Friday, and we’ll review the results of that, as well as his labwork, with the doctor a week after that.

God made this week bearable for us in so many ways. Friends brought meals…nice visits with neighbors…time with friends…

A huge blessing came via our friend Eric, who had a class in Fresno all week, so he gave Rich a ride in the early mornings. This was a huge burden lifted in so many ways:

– Rich’s chemo was started earlier, so we were able to get home at 4PM, instead of 6:30PM each night. That extra time meant more time with our kids, and a more relaxed pace to our evenings.

– Not having to wake up the kids early, and take them to preschool at 7AM, so we could get to Fresno by Rich’s 8:45AM appointments. It’s a huge blessing to keep them on their normal schedule.

– It gave my mornings more flexiblity, so I didn’t have to get to the hospital first thing, which meant other things in life (cleaning…getting my license renewed at the DMV…shopping for various necessities) were able to get done.

That’s all the news from here! I’m thinking that this weekend will involve a lot of sleep for Rich, some swimming for me and the kids (it’s supposed to be 107 tomorrow!), and enjoying some down days (hopefully — like I said a few posts ago, I’m trying not to hold on too tightly to ANY plans right now!)

Love, Susan

PS – As I was just typing this, a Mule Deer walked right past my kitchen window, and stared in at me for a good 3 minutes. He was close enough that his breath steamed up the window. I love living in the mountains!

One Response to “TGIF! Our long week is DONE!”

  1. MOM and BRUCE Says:

    There is not a happier Mom in the whole world today…..Praise our Great God…our Healer… from Whom All Blessings flow…praying for a relaxing weekend for you all…AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE SUSAN !!!xxxx0000

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