A change of plans

This morning, Kaiser Richmond called us and told us there was something going on with their PET scanner, so they had to cancel Rich’s scan. We were actually glad. Spending all day driving there….and then another 4 hours driving home…didn’t sound like much fun.

Instead, they were able to reschedule Rich in Stockton, where he’ll have a PET scan on Monday (tomorrow) at 9:45 AM. This means we need to leave the house quite early…but Kaiser Stockton is MUCH closer than Richmond…about 2.75 hours from us, plus we avoid the craziness of Bay Area traffic, which is terrific.

This week’s schedule:

Monday: PET scan in Stockton

Tuesday: Chemo in Fresno at 2PM – this is a one-hour session…not all day. Yay!

Wednesday: A meeting with the oncologist, when she’ll decide whether to have Rich do another round of chemo, or not.

Thursday: Surgery to remove or replace the stent.

Friday: Collapse!

Thank you for all of your prayers…please keep them coming.

Rich’s brain has been clearing every day, and is able to maintain focus for longer periods of time (we can have 10 minute discussions, instead of 30 second exchanges)…he is still exhausted, but I’m starting to see the return of his usual flurry of ideas, thoughts and inspirations. It’s such a welcome change!

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