A major, major surgery

I just talked to Rich’s urologist, who told us that Rich would be having a MAJOR surgery within the next 1-3 weeks. It is such a big surgery, that they are transferring his case to another surgeon at Kaiser Oakland (about 4 hours away). Here’s the deal:

The tumor has shrunk by about 90%. They don’t like how the residual tumor looks. They are taking the thing out. The tricky part is that the tumor is OVER Rich’s vena cava; and may involve part of his Duodenum (intestines); and a part of his right kidney. They won’t know how big the surgery is, “until they open up the hood,” to quote the doctor.

The surgery will take place sometime within the next 1-3 weeks. No chemo next week. No surgery tomorrow, because Rich’s blood counts are too low.

Rich’s goals are as follows:

1. Get well and recoup from this last round of chemo…particularly having his blood counts return to more normal levels.

2. Maybe a quick surgery for the stent exchange next week.

3. An all expenses paid (thanks, insurance!) 5 to 7 night stay in the Oakland Kaiser Hospital, complete with 3 meals, nurses at your beck-and-call, and IVs aplenty.


7 Responses to “A major, major surgery”

  1. Mary Pearson Says:

    Praying! Love you guys!

  2. MOM and BRUCE Says:

    LOVE AND PRAYERS>>>>>>>>>>AND LOVE AND PRAYERS>>>>>>>>AND>>>>>>>>>>>xxxxxxxxxxx0000000000000

  3. Eric Hagen Says:

    We are praying for you all.

  4. Grace Says:

    Wow this does sound big. We are praying for sure and will post this news on the SVPC prayer chain so other can join in. Love and hugs!

  5. Eric Girard Says:

    Okay, this is EXACTLY what I had. Same deal, almost to the “t.” I HIGHLY recommend my surgeon at Stanford. I was supposed to be in the hospital 10 days – I was out in 3 or 4, I think. The surgery went flawlessly – I don’t think I even needed any blood.

    You will note that I am upright, walking, talking, and in general being an imp, 5 years later. Rich will be fine, and transformed in ways only God knows!

    So, please, call me and let’s talk. We can help with lodging, food, support, prayer, etcetera.

    Love you guys.

  6. Nessa Says:

    You guys have come so far Susan. This is just another bump, perhaps a big bump in the road. But look how far God has carried you guys. I have total faith in this. Just keep trusting…. I’m praying… praying like a mad woman! Love you guys. If you need anything. Just call. Please come over Monday. Would love to catch up and so would the kids!

  7. Michael Garcia Says:

    We’re praying for you! Now I will have a reason to go out to the bay area to visit. My old roommate works at Oakland Kaiser too.

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