Initial PET Scan Results Show “Something”

When we arrived at our oncologist’s office this morning, the PET scan results were still not in. About 10 minutes into our meeting, the medical assistant knocked on the door, and told Dr. Inouye that the radiologist was on the phone with the stat PET scan results for Rich. This, in itself, was amazing…the doctor had just told us that it might not be until Friday that she’d have any conclusive results from the PET scan.

The doctor re-emerged about 15 minutes later, and said that the “unofficial” results were in, and that the radiologist sees some activity in the tumor site still. Due to the nature of PET scans, they don’t know if it’s cancer, or inflammation from the stent, or some sort of fibroid tumor.

This means things get more complex.

We’re waiting to hear from the urologist, to see whether they will remove the entire mass, or if they will do another biopsy on it. The oncologist said she’d prefer they take out the whole thing…but due to its location, and it’s proximity to Rich’s kidney and ureter, this might be very difficult. So, we’re waiting to see what the urologist says.

Once they biopsy the mass, they will know what the heck it is…and can determine a course of action from there, whether that’s nothing (if it’s not cancer); or more chemo; or something else.

The doctor is postponing further chemo treatment until the surgery takes place.This is a blessing…the chemo is taking its toll on Rich’s body.

Rich is supposed to have surgery tomorrow to replace or remove his stent. I’m not sure if this will happen, or if they will wait until they do the biopsy. In addition, his white blood cell counts are very low, so they may not be able to do surgery at all.

Please pray for a clear course of action, and for the path to be as easy as possible on Rich.

Pray for Rich’s white blood cell count to go back up, and that he stays healthy so he does not need to be hospitalized. Though the Neupogen makes him sick and miserable, it has worked well at increasing his WBC counts in the past…so pray it performs its miracles again.

My mom and dad are leaving on a 3-week trip, so we will be calling on some of our Oakhurst friends for help if things get tricky. The childcare logistics are the tricky thing in all of this…having someone to watch the kids during late night visits to the ER…surgery recovery lasting beyond when the preschool is open…what happens if our kids get sick, and can’t go to preschool…

Pray for our business and everyone working there. They have been true soldiers in all of this, working diligently in our absence, and we are so blessed by them. Please continue to pray for our provision, and for loads of work to come in, to keep everyone busy during this time.

Thanks, everyone. Blessings to you!

Love, Susan

5 Responses to “Initial PET Scan Results Show “Something””

  1. Jeff Grandy Says:

    Don’t hesitate to call Anne and I if you need anything! Day or night!!!


  2. Michael Says:

    Hey now that goes for me too Susan! Seriously! I am in the area all the time now for Tenaya.

  3. Colleen Says:

    Susan, I am so glad you have such loving friends! From her sister, THANK YOU to you all for your help! I wish Ohio was closer!

  4. Michelle Hagen Says:

    Susan, we will take the kids anytime you need.

  5. Michael Garcia Says:

    Susan, give us a call if you need help with child care. We can pick up the kids anytime you want from preschool, feed them dinner and watch movies at our place with ice cream and popcorn!

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