Another Round Of Chemo

Rich just talked to the oncologist. She said that, given the risk of the surgery, she wants to do one more round of chemo to see if she can shrink the tumor further and/or eliminate the active areas in the tumor.

So, round four starts on Monday. I’m assuming we’ll do another PET scan in about 3 weeks…and we’ll see if surgery is still necessary, based on those results.

If there are a few people who would be willing to drive Rich down to Kaiser early in the morning (leave at 7ish, to arrive at Kaiser at 8ish), please email me or comment on the blog. When he gets there early, his chemo can start early…and that means we get home earlier, so we have more time with the kids.

Thanks for all of your calls, emails and notes in the last day. I can’t tell you how much each one has encouraged us.

Love, Susan

One Response to “Another Round Of Chemo”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hey Susan I will come up and take Rich down to Chemo anytime! Just let me know 250-7853

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