A short cycle

The oncologist called to let us know that she is eliminating Bleomycin from this next chemo cycle. This means that Rich will have chemo every day next week…but not on day 9 or 16 of the cycle. It’s like getting 2 weeks of our lives back. Thank you, God!

Please pray for:

– Rich’s veins to hold up well during this next round of chemo. He gets 6 bags of fluid pumped into him each day. Several of his veins are getting tired…but he still has some good ones, the nurses say. If we were to do this all over again, he says he’d put a mediport in, or a pic line…surgical procedures, but they make the daily IVs much easier.

– The tumor to be shrunk even more (or disappear!) and for the “active areas” that showed up on the PET scan to be gone.

– The scar tissue/residual tumor to shrink away from important parts of his body including his vena cava, his kidney, and his intestines.

– That surgery would not be necessary.

– Peace for Rich. The neupogen (which he is taking now to increase his white blood cell count) is really, really tough on his body, and it is giving him a lot of pain and achiness. He is very worn down, and is not looking forward to next week. Yet, he hasn’t lost all of his spunk…I still catch him laughing randomly at things on TV, and tonight he and Asher were playing together a bit. He is also obsessed with discussing ALL of the foods he wants to eat again, once he has his appetite back (sushi, wine, beer, chicken wings, Prime Rib, steaks, pizza, bread from the Macaroni Grill…) He’ll probably gain back all of the weight he’s lost (about 30-35 pounds), within the first month of getting his appetite back!

– Safety for us while driving Highway 41. That road is SCARY!

One other random note…awhile back, I posted about Asher’s mouth. In case you missed this post, we discovered a hole in Asher’s palate (the roof of his mouth), about 1.5 cm long. This is not uncommon in kids who were born with a cleft palate, like Asher was. With a flash light, I could see through to his nasal cavity. As I mentioned before, when I looked at his palate recently, the hole was GONE.

Well, I just looked at it again last night, and the indent that I saw the last time (there was still an indent, but no hole), has further healed. It has smoothed over into a nice, even palate. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. God is good, and it is so awesome to see such a blatant, miraculous healing, at this exact point in time in our lives.

Love, Susan

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