An update on Rich’s treatment plan

Today, the oncologist, Dr. Inouye, met with us while Rich was getting chemo, to give us an update on his treatment plan. Last week, she consulted with oncologists and surgeons from Stanford, and they confirmed the wisdom behind her planned course of treatment: a fourth round of chemo, omitting Bleomycin on days 9 and 16…followed by testing…and then, possibly a surgery to remove the residual tumor.

Rich started his fourth session today. He will have chemo each day this week (M-F), and then HE IS DONE with chemo for now. In mid-August, he will have another PET scan and CT Scan done. The results of these scans will determine whether Rich will have surgery, or not.

An oncology urologist from Stanford is consulting with Dr. Inouye, and has offered to look at Rich’s films, and give his opinion on whether he thinks surgery is necessary…and any other thoughts about his case. This surgeon Dr. Inouye is talking with is the SAME urologist who worked on our friend Eric. In case you missed Eric’s comment on a former post, he had an almost identical surgery after his testicular cancer battle 5 years ago, and came through with flying colors.

We feel like Dr. Inouye is covering all of her bases very well, and we’re so thankful for this.

Please pray that:

Rich’s veins to hold up and don’t blow out.

The drugs keep the nausea in check.

Safety while we drive…and safety for the kind people who have offered to drive Rich to chemo each morning, so I can keep the kids on their normal schedule (and not drop them off at preschool at 6:30AM).

Pray that this chemo removes all of the cancer, and surgery isn’t needed.

One of Allison’s prayers tonight was, “God, do surgery on Daddy when he’s asleep, and get rid of the cancer.”

God bless you all!

Love, Susan

One Response to “An update on Rich’s treatment plan”

  1. MOM and BRUCE Says:

    God has heard EVERY loving prayer from your family, friends, Church family,and many strangers….but I know the sweetest prayer He heard the loudest is the Prayer of His child Allison….xxxxoooo

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