Rich Finished Round Four – Now Asher’s Sick

Rich took his last chemo today, and has no more chemo, until further notice. He is tired, and has no appetite, but is SO HAPPY to be done!

His CT Scan is on August 6…his PET Scan is on August 10th. The results of these tests will show the size of the tumor (PRAY IT’S GONE!!!) and whether surgery is necessary.

I was just marvelling over how healthy everyone in our family has been through this journey. No sicknesses, despite a nasty stomach flu circulating in Oakhurst, and two kids in preschool…

Well…I got home and had a message from the preschool. Asher had a fever of 101.7, which suddenly developed after naptime. Thankfully, Rich finished chemo at 2:30, so we were home by 3:45…and I picked up Asher shortly after that. I was glad I got the message at 3:45 instead of 5, which has been the normal time we’ve been getting home!

An hour later, the fever rose to 103.6…so I called Kaiser. Asher has a history of ear infections. If he’s still sick in the morning we’ll drive to Kaiser Fresno (my home away from home, these days) to have his ears checked out. It may just be a virus, though…After Tylenol, his fever dropped to about 100, and he’s tucked into bed now, singing to himself.

We’ve kept Asher in his room (which actually has been really easy, he’s been so sick), to prevent  the spread of germs to the rest of our household. Please pray that Rich, especially, doesn’t get this. Chemo wipes out your immune system, and if Rich gets sick, he may end up in the hospital until he’s better.

Thanks for your prayers!

Love, Susan

One Response to “Rich Finished Round Four – Now Asher’s Sick”

  1. the fonda family Says:

    We will be praying for healing for Rich and now for your precious Asher. We will also pray for the “peace that passes all understanding” to guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Be joyful in hope dear Seilings. The Fonda’s

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