Asher is better!

Asher’s sickness was a random one-night fever…after a dose of Tylenol before bed, he slept through the night and woke up Saturday morning with his temperature at 98.8…and it hasn’t spread to anyone else…yet! AMEN!

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. It’s been a very restful weekend.

My biggest fear, as a kid, was of black widow spiders. We had a National Geographic book about spiders, and I remember my sisters leaving the black widow page open on my bed to torment me…and then reassuring me that black widows lived NOWHERE near Michigan (where we lived), and I was completely safe. Well, black widows are plentiful in California.

I spent the morning today on black widow patrol outside. I found a HUGE one on the kids’ wagon. She looked JUST like the black widow in that National Geographic book, with the red hourglass visable from 5 feet away. She was tangled up in a huge web, and was very hard to get to. I dug down deep, let out a lot of screams that I’m sure the neighbors were amused by, and got her. Sorry, Miss Black Widow. I love nature, but poisonous spiders on anything that comes close to my kids will die.

I only bring this up, because Rich is the black widow hunter in our family. Not me. Never me. I will have nightmares about this tonight. I hate black widows that much. In the midst of the black widow hunt, I found myself telling Rich, “I hate cancer because I have to kill this black widow now, and you can’t do it.” But, a black widow bite on an oncology patient probably wouldn’t be good…plus the fact that Rich’s energy level this morning was just enough to be barely awake, watching TV, meant that if anyone was going to do the job, it had to be me.  And so I did the job…I find myself doing lots of jobs I thought were only Rich’s these days. I don’t mind, but it’s definitely getting me out of my comfort zone in many ways.

Rich is doing well, considering how he spent the last week (in chemo every day). His taste is completely off, and his mouth has a constant metallic taste that overwhelms every other taste. His energy level is completely depleted, but today (Sunday) his appetite seems to be coming back a bit. So, the challenge is finding foods that taste OK, despite the metallic overtone.

Thank you for all of your prayers and encouraging notes. We are so blessed by all of you!

Love, Susan

2 Responses to “Asher is better!”

  1. Laurie Sherman Mullins Says:

    Rich and Susan,
    I just learned of Rich’s illness and treatment today while reading Gwen Palmer Vrh’s facebook page. I read your entire blog. I am incredibly moved by your faithfulness. I will pray for Rich’s progress and for both of you to maintain your focus on Him who gives us strength.
    May both of you and your beautiful children continue to feel His blessings,
    Laurie Sherman Mullins

  2. Karina Parisi Says:

    Dear family, my friend Heather Swan mentioned your blog to me, and I wanted to thank you for sharing about your journey while fighting cancer. I wanted to encourage you to continue the good fight of faith. Continue in your trust in the Lord — and continue enjoying the peace that indeed does surpass understanding!

    I will include you in my prayers. And in the name of Jesus I believe in healing for you!

    I finished my last chemo cycle on June 12 and began radiation to treat breast cancer on Monday. I totally empathize with you, Rich — chemo/surgeries suck! Soon those days will be behind you. Susan, as a wife and mother myself, I pray for a renewed strength and peace for you each and every morning. May God bless you both richly!

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