Yes, we are alive!

Just a quick post to let you all know that we are alive! We’ve had quite a few phone calls and emails in the last few days with all of you checking up on us…THANK YOU!!!

Rich has been doing better every day. Last week, he worked a few hours each day from home…his mind was definitely coming back, and it was such a welcome thing! His appetite was better, and he actually ate dinner with me and the kids, which he’s been unable to do since even before the diagnosis in April.

Rich has been taking neupogen shots for the past six days. Neupogen is the drug that makes him feel horrible, cranky, anxious, feverish, nauseous….just plain sick. He’s been taking anti-nausea drugs for it, as well as Vicodin, to help with the severe aches in his back. BUT the Neupogen works! His white blood cell count was 1.0 last week (very low). We just received lab results online, and his WBC count is now extremely high (over the normal range). He took his last shot tonight, and is looking forward to feeling better again, once the drug wears off, and having an appetite. He has now lost 40 pounds, and is at the same weight he was when we got married almost 14 years ago. Crazy.

This week, the kids are off preschool, since it is closed for the week for a summer break. It’s a welcome break from the routine. I like having them with me all of the time. Even if we’re just doing mundane tasks, like going for haircuts and buying new shoes (have you seen how much kids shoes cost these days? Holy cow!), I always feel more complete when I’m with them. But it won’t last long…kindergarten starts in just two weeks!

This Thursday is the CT Scan, and the PET Scan is on Monday, August 10th. It generally takes 5-7 days for results…

If the tests show any mass, then they will do a major surgery to remove it. If it’s gone…then it’s gone!!! And that would be the best news in the world.

Thank you for all of your prayers. Please keep them coming! We truly are feeling them!



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