Swimming and waiting for test results

This week has brought healing and rest. Rich finished his 6 days of Neupogen injections on Tuesday night, and is beginning to get his appetite and energy back. Yesterday, he even went to the public pool with me and the kids. It was his first fun outing with us since this entire ordeal began in the spring, and it brought much joy to his heart (and ours!) He lasted a little over an hour, before he was tired and needed to go home. He has virtually no muscle tone, so even sitting in the pool, and moving his arms made the muscles near his ribs ache. It looks like physical rehabilitation starts with just incorporating normal movement into his day.

On Wednesday, I took my kids to a waterpark in Fresno with some other friends and their kids. It was so much fun to just play with the kids; see their big smiles; and have a carefree day. It was the first day like that all summer, and it was such a gift.

Rich had a CT Scan on Thursday, which was fairly uneventful. It will take about a week for results, the doctor said. His PET Scan is on Monday. Again, this will take a week for results. We have an appointment with the oncologist on August 19th…basically, if the tests show any remaining tumor or mass, or cancer activity, then surgery will happen. Please continue to pray that the mass is completely gone, as it is a major, major surgery, and if Rich could be spared this, it would be wonderful.

I kind of feel like if your family is going through cancer, you should get a pass on any other drama in life. But, life goes on, despite cancer. There have been a number of unexpected events and obstacles (not cancer related) in the past few weeks that have us praying in entirely new ways for entirely new things.

In all of this, I’ve realized that whatever challenge you’re going through, it can consume your thoughts to the point of paralysis. Cancer is no different. Any one of the other issues we’re confronting would consume our thoughts on their own, let alone adding them together into one giant pile of craziness. It can be oppressive.

Yet, as I sat here this morning, I once again realized that worrying does nothing…it only robs me of energy and joy in this day. It all comes back to taking one day at a time…focusing my thoughts on all of the blessings in my life, and really cherishing them…and being glad I can enjoy another cup of coffee…cool Sierra breezes…birds chirping in the trees.

A year ago, we had problems and struggles, too. And in another year, we’ll be facing entirely new things…and hopefully not cancer. We have been carried through many storms, and God has shown himself to be immenently faithful, comforting and true. Knowing this brings peace unlike any other…and it is much easier to just rest, and trust God, even when his plans make no sense to me.

Happy weekend!

One Response to “Swimming and waiting for test results”

  1. Eric Hagen Says:

    We are praying for your family. I am glad you had some time to just have fun.

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