GOOD NEWS! “The chemotherapy worked”

An email from the oncologist:

Dear Susan and Rich: GOOD NEWS on the PET scan results which show only mild post treatment activity. The CT scan report also shows continued shrinkage of the area in the retroperitoneum which is also good news. Based on these results, it appears that the chemotherapy has worked and that we can continue to monitor the CAT scans, and if necessary PET scans.

I will also send a CD to Dr.Presti at Stanford. He looked at the films from July and just got back to me about those. His inclination from those earlier films was to just closely follow the CAT scans since the changes appeared to represent scarring. I expect that based on these studies his recommendations were remain the same.”

This means:

– No surgery for now (and the urologist from Stanford said he wouldn’t recommend surgery, even based on the OLD pet scan from a month ago…the tumor has shrunk even more since then. It is now 1.1cm by 1.8cm…originally it was 10.8cm by 5cm by 8cm. Amazing.)

– No chemo for now

– We move from fighting cancer, to monitoring Rich regularly to make sure there is no cancer activity. What does that mean? We’ll find out next week!

– We can maybe, possibly, start our new life!

We meet with the oncologist for a formal appointment on August 19th, and we’ll find out more details then…we are so thankful she took the time to email us these results before the official meeting.

PRAISE GOD who has sustained us through the biggest trial we have yet to face.

Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you all for your love, support, meals, childcare, words of wisdom, acts of kindness and the many ways each of you made this journey less lonesome, and easier to persevere.

The journey is still not over…there is much recovery to be done. What a gift, however, to be able to focus on recovery and rebuilding our lives, instead of enduring the fight. We’re still trying to wrap our brains around this new beginning…Keep us in your prayers!

I’ll write more soon…It’s time to take our kindergartener to meet her teacher at “Kindergarten Roundup.” School starts on Monday!

Love, Susan

16 Responses to “GOOD NEWS! “The chemotherapy worked””

  1. ruth Says:

    WOW, what a praise, I was just thinking about you guys today and praying. Thanks for posting such praise worthy results, thanks for your encouragement and openess in sharing, I am always so blessed for coming here.

  2. Mary Pearson Says:

    Yesss!!! Praise God! This is so encouraging…God is good…always. We love you guys dearly.

  3. Colleen Pyron Says:


  4. Diane Vaccaro Says:

    This is so exciting!!! My favorite part is where you say you are ready to start your “new life.” That comment has great meaning after our time together yesterday…a time that I continue to cherish. Rich, thank you for using up your energy on us that day. We were blessed. Enjoy this good news!

  5. Nessa Says:

    That is awesome!! This is GREAT NEWS!! Enjoy your weekend celebrating and yeah for Miss Allison. I can’t wait to hear how her first day and week of kindergarten is. God is good!!

  6. julia Says:

    Praise God! What great news! Thanks for keeping us updated. We’ll keep praying for complete healing.

  7. Laurel Rematore Says:

    Happy dance! Happy dance!!

  8. Jeff Gilman Says:

    Love the good news! I’ve been praying all along and will keep it up! These are the things I seem to keep returning to:

    Asking God to:
    -Guard Rich’s life
    -Give him strength
    -Maximize effectiveness of treatment, minimize side effects
    -Heal the cancer COMPLETELY, never to return
    -Give Susan strength
    -Surround the kids in your love, protect their lives, hearts & minds
    -Bless their business! Make the work flood in and help the staff handle it diligently and well.

    Sorry I didn’t get to see you guys this week too but I know Bobbie really enjoyed getting to see you.

    Still praying,


  9. Nancy & Lyle Says:

    We shall continue our prayers for all of you and are thankful for such wonderful news. Allison have a wonderful time in Kindergarten.

  10. Eric Hagen Says:

    God is good. I agree with all the other comments and prayers. Tell Rich when he feels better we will need to play some Medal of Honor…

  11. MOM and BRUCE Says:


  12. kathy Mohorter Says:

    God is so good!!!!!!! Continued prayers and tears of joy for all of you! cousin kathy

  13. Laurie Says:

    with tears in my eyes, I read your report…Praise God…excited to hear about the rebuilding process…and kids in school…

    Keep a smile in your heart!!!


  14. Doug B Says:

    Thank goodness for modern medicine.

  15. Wendi and Richard Says:


    We did not know Rich was so ill. We’ve been catching up on the blog. You are all in our thoughts and hearts!

  16. Kelly, Cindy, Paul & Matthew Says:

    Great news! Finnally all our prayers have come true. Love ya bunches!! XOXO The Cavanaughs

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