I went to the doctor today after several days of pain in my stomach. The doctor thinks it is diverticulitis, and is treating me with antibiotics. The symptoms are similar to those I had from my tumor ten months ago, which makes it easy to get scared that the cancer has come back, as it brings back all kinds of memories.

Please pray that this is a correct diagnosis and that it will clear up right away. Please also pray for strength from God through this for Susan and I. Pray that we would keep our thoughts captive to Christ and not be afraid or worry. Also pray that I will be well enough to celebrate Christmas with my children, and that I could play and have fun with them.

Last Christmas morning was the “start” of my cancer journey. We spent Christmas morning driving to the hospital to have my testical examined because of pain from an injury, which we now know was the cancer. The kids had to put off opening presents till around noon.

I really don’t want to be going to the hospital this Christmas! If the pain doesn’t clear up in a few days, or worsens, we’ll do another CT scan to make sure it’s not something more serious. It’s unlikely that this is a recurrence, but we’re keeping the oncologist in the loop. Thanks always for your prayers.

2 Responses to “Diverticulitis?”

  1. Jeff Gilman Says:

    PRAYING!! Keep us posted.

    Merry Christmas you guys, we love you tons!

  2. Laurel R Says:

    AAACK! You’re in my prayers, Rich and Susan–today and always!

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