It’s getting better all the time…

Life has improved greatly over the past 3 weeks or so. Rich has been able to eat more foods, though he needs to keep an eye on what he eats, as well as the quantities. Probably not a bad thing to do, anyway!

Pain – Still there, but appears to be manageable. Far less intense than in January and late December.

Energy – Better every day. He’s back to where he was probably in mid-November.

He’s been able to work a growing amount over the last few weeks, which has been very good.

At the oncologist appointment last week, she said the CT Scan showed a tiny amount of shrinking, “Almost not worth mentioning”…shrinking is GOOD.

He has a PET scan on Feb. 23, for monitoring purposes.

One of the chemo drugs can affect pulmonary function adversely. Rich just had a pulmonary function test today, and he did as well as he did on the baseline test. Granted, this test was done 4 days after his surgery (and the day before Chemo started) in May…so he wasn’t at his best…but it’s good that it didn’t go down from there.

Our kids are ECSTATIC to have Daddy healthy again, especially Asher who keeps close tabs on him. Tonight, Rich put the kids to bed while I tidied up the house…it’s so good to have him fully living again.

Thank you, God. And thank you to each of you reading, for the prayers and love extended to us. We are more than blessed by you.

One Response to “It’s getting better all the time…”

  1. Patty Prowant Says:

    It is great to hear GOOD news. Happy Valentines Day!

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