Terrific PET Scan Results

We just received GREAT news from Rich’s oncologist regarding the PET scan he had on Monday, February 22.

THERE IS NO UNUSUAL ACTIVITY anywhere…not in his lymph nodes; not in the residual mass; nowhere.

This means the cancer is gone. It’s gone. It’s gone. It’s gone. Praise God. It’s gone.

From the radiology report:

Abnormal radioglucose activity is no longer identified within any
retroperitoneal lymph nodes.  No other abnormalities identified.

Oh, happy, happy day…

4 Responses to “Terrific PET Scan Results”

  1. erin, eric, emmy and elsie Says:

    Yippee! Happy dance! Happy dance! Yippee!!! Praise GOD!

  2. Patty Prowant Says:

    I am SOOOOOOO happy for you. The power of prayer!!!!!!

  3. Kathy Mohorter Says:

    As they said in the 1980 olympic hockey game, Do you believe in miracles, YES! thank you God for all you do for Rich and susan!!!!! continued prayers, cousin kathy

  4. Mary Rantanen Says:

    Thank you God for your healing hands!!!! All glory, power, honor and praise are given to You Lord!!!! May the Seiling family be surrounded by Your love and protection. Many happy, funfilled, memorable days ahead for them all!

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