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A year later…

April 29, 2010

One year ago today I was diagnosed with cancer, and figured I would be dead soon.

But here I am one year later, alive, well, in remission, and well on the road to recovery.

It is very strange to live a day you didn’t think you’d get the chance to live. I can’t really explain it to the depth I feel it, but I’ll try to give a rough sketch. I got to spend today just how I wanted to, swimming in a pool and going down a waterslide with my kids, then snorkeling on a reef and seeing some spectacular fish, and making sand castles. It was a very good day.

But if I were only living for this world, I would be very sad today, because I know from facing death that all the things in this life come to an end. The illusion has been broken for me. And frankly today is a little bitter sweet because I want to keep experiencing these things, and hang on to the world just a little bit.

Hanging on to it just won’t work because this life is not all there is. There is an eternity beyond it, and through Jesus Christ I can have access to an eternal life that overcomes this temporal one because of His abundant grace which can reconcile the fact that I am a sinner full of shortcomings and failures.

So this is what today drives home the most for me. I’ve been given another year, and probably more. But I haven’t been given it just to go do whatever brings me the most pleasure, but to live for the eternity that is to come. My life doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to God who paid a ransom for it, the life of His own Son. A King’s ransom if ever there was one.

That is the great hope, opportunity, and great challenge that I’ve been given.

Today was a great day, but eternity will be even better.